Making Eco-Friendly Strides
The resort is making every effort to reduce our ecological footprint.
We have changed the type of fuel, paint and washing machines we use.
In addition, there is process is in place to reduce food waste.

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Glen Falls House ....Going Green!

The Glen Falls House goes Green (and blue). In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, we have made several improvements to the resort. Some of these are major capital investments. Others are a combination of a small investment with additional staff. We have even made some simple changes in processes.

New, high efficiency heating units have been added to the Cottage, Hillside Motel, and Tavern. Not only are they Propane units, which burns cleaner than oil, they all have a rating of more than 93% efficiency so less fuel will be used. Insulation and radiant heat has been added underneath the buildings to make each room more comfortable.

Many people ask us, "what happens to all the unused food"? We are currently working with a local farmer to supply his live stock with unused food. This reduces our waste while decreasing his food expenses.

We are now laundering our sheets and towels right on premise. Our HE washing machines will use less water and require less detergent. Our electric driers have been converted over to propane heating units thus reducing energy consumption. In addition delivery service will no longer be needed.

As a way to acknowledge these efforts, we have started painting some of the rooms green and others blue. We have used environmentally friendly paints that have low VOCs.