Waterfalls in the Glen Falls House Area
One of the most popular guest activities while staying at
Glen Falls House is to visit and enjoy the waterfalls!

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The Glen Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

On-site and Area Waterfalls

- Glen Falls & Bridal Veil Falls

The main house is set on the banks of the Kiskatom Brook. From the observation deck on the adjoining property you can see the Glen Falls drop into the gorge 30 feet below and directly across the platform is the Bridal Veil Falls, this creates a unique opportunity to see two waterfalls from the same vantage point. In addition you may take the tail to the right just over the foot bridge and go to the base of these falls. This is a great place to skip rocks, sunbathe, cool off in the water and just relax.

Just off our property
- Ice Box Falls

This is probably the most visited waterfall destination when staying at the Glen Falls House. It is an easy 15 min. hike to this beautiful falls. The trail starts on our property as you cross the foot bridge you continue on the rocky creek bed and then on to a dirt trail. This trail is marked by bright orange markings on the trees. The trail continues onto neighboring land (which our guest have right of way). Trail maps are available at the link below.

In the neighborhood
- Artists Falls

Located just a short 20 min walk/hike from Glen Falls House.You walk up Winter Clove Rd to Winter Clove Rd. Ext. on the left at the end of guardrail is the trail. Continue on the trail past the bike bridge to falls. This fall is located on private property but currently the owners allow public access. Please be respectful as you pass through on the way to the falls.